My Story

Born in Chicago, in 1971, to a carpenter and housewife, Anita Renaghan loved writing at a young age. Growing up in a suburb with her five siblings was a loud and adventurous time, and Anita was often found at the library reading her new favorite, or writing a poem or short story. Her high school English teacher presented the challenge of writing a novel, and that opened a door that would never close. Anita has written many novels in the past twenty years.

After high school, Anita joined the United States Air Force and worked as a cargo aircraft mechanic. Years later, she would use some of that knowledge to write “The Gage”. While in the service, Anita received an Associates Degree in Business Administration from Western Oklahoma State College, and an Associates Degree in Aircraft Technology from the Community College of the Air Force, both completed in 1992. Following her years in the Air Force, Anita earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at Northern Illinois University in 1995. Anita’s day job since then has been in the Audio Visual industry.

Anita writes books and songs, and in 2001, she moved to Nashville for a year to pursue songwriting. Anita now lives northwest of Chicago with her husband and her daughter. In the dark hours of the night, while her family sleeps, Anita can be found perched in front of her laptop writing her next adventure.  

Anita is currently working on a sweet romance set in the midwest town of Sycamore, Illinois. It is full of colorful characters and the warmth of small town America. Join Anita's email list to find out about her next book release.






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