“Simply stated, Jackpot is group therapy on wheels.” – Jennifer Alison, Editor

Before pagers and cell phones, and before Facebook and YouTube even existed, five strangers in Chicago meet in a car on the ride of their life. Vi is a songwriter on the verge of moving to Nashville, and Tom is her silent admirer. Sean is a drunken Irish boy ogling every skirt in the bar, and Sarah is a young, rich socialite trying to avoid Sean’s gaze. The four strangers leave Baker’s Tap in William’s Towncar, caught up in his weekly superstitious quest for purchasing lottery tickets at an old country diner. Between arguments and revelations, each of their defenses are lowered long enough for introspection, and if they are lucky, a future that includes a jackpot.

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Prince S-Avalon HallBook #1 is the first installment in the Avalon Hall Series. In the mountain kingdom of Fontanasia, Avalon Hall is born a girl, but secretly raised as a boy so the king will have a rightful heir to the throne. At fourteen, Avalon is a strong prince and wants only to become king when it is her time, but she is worried that as she gets older, it will be more difficult to conceal her gender. Avalon travels to the distant land of Cormicks, and in unveiling a plot to kill her father, she must survive slow devouring sand eels, gigantic, crushing anthracites, and a terrifying hoard of everred spiders.
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King Pawn - Avalon Hall Book #2 is the second book in the Avalon Hall trilogy. In the mountain kingdom of Fontanasia, Avalon must try to figure out who she can trust as she comes to grips with the fact that she is now king. New counselors threaten her reign, and as the Guides watch the window to Cormicks, a secret room is discovered and Avalon realizes that Fontanasia might not be out of danger from the Monarch of Cormicks and the blood thirsty Runners. Avalon is also annoyed with the fact that Taggerty has taken a liking to Princess Zaria, and she tries to ignore her growing jealousy. Join Avalon on her second adventure to the elbagrass to save Fontanasia from a menacing enemy.

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Air Force One mechanic, Remy Bittner, has had a blend of embryonic stem cells and nanoparticles injected into his brain. When he begins to read minds, he uncovers a pharmaceutical race to control chemical release in the brain, and to track progress with a nanoparticle Gage. Remy becomes tied into a pharmaceutical magnate's manipulation to control the Gage, and his attempt to force the President of the United States to change stem cell law.
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