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Anita Renaghan is the author of Literary Fiction and Sweet Romance novels as well as the Avalon Hall medieval fantasy YA trilogy. 


Coming in March, new sci-fi release! Sign up for my email list for updates as the release takes shape. This is a book called “The Gage” that I previously had a short release of years ago. 

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A grief-stricken mom. Two lost souls. A chance for all three to heal.

New York City. Liz Campbell is drowning in sorrow. Unable to find closure following the death of her son and pressured to start “living again” by her mother, the heartsick woman gets into her car and drives as far as it will take her. But when she runs out of gas while penniless in a tiny Illinois town, her only choice is to accept the kindness of two strangers.

Finding a job at the general store, Liz befriends the men who aided her – a haunted bachelor who won’t keep time and a former soldier drunk on booze and survivor’s guilt. And though she discovers their company soothes the ache in her soul, learning they also suffer from debilitating loss leaves her desiring to help them in return.

As Liz constructs a life worth living, can she bring peace to those who bear their own burdens?

With grace and empathy, Anita Renaghan weaves a tender story of three people lost in inexorable darkness climbing back to the light together. In a novel of unimaginable emotional pain and inspirational inner strength, she reminds us all of the need for true sympathy and the power of the human will.

Silent Hearts is a moving contemporary women’s literature book. If you like rebuilding after adversity, personal growth, and sweet romance, then you’ll love Anita Renaghan’s touching tale.

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