Amy Reynolds has been harboring a secret crush on Matt Cole for two years. Today, they will crash land on an island in the Bermuda Triangle and fall in love and raise a family together, but neither will remember any of it.   

Through arguments, DNA tests, and the developed photo images of their time on the island, their forgotten thirteen years unfold, proving they were a happy family, and leaving Amy wondering if they ever will be again.

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“Simply stated, Jackpot is group therapy on wheels.” – Jennifer Alison, Editor

Before pagers and cell phones, and before Facebook and YouTube even existed, five strangers in Chicago meet in a car on the ride of their life. Vi is a songwriter on the verge of moving to Nashville, and Tom is her silent admirer. Sean is a drunken Irish boy ogling every skirt in the bar, and Sarah is a young, rich socialite trying to avoid Sean’s gaze. The four strangers leave Baker’s Tap in William’s Towncar, caught up in his weekly superstitious quest for purchasing lottery tickets at an old country diner. Between arguments and revelations, each of their defenses are lowered long enough for introspection, and if they are lucky, a future that includes a jackpot.


Lawyer Jerry Wheeler has a beautiful wife, a stake in his high earning Chicago law firm, and a short future. For a man who should have the world at his fingertips, Jerry Wheeler is contemplating suicide. As Jerry spirals downward he meets Hazel, a young woman who proposes to Jerry that she can help him end his life if he promises to stay alive for one more month.

The Suicide Man
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