My Story

Anita Renaghan is the author of six books including literary fiction and a young adult trilogy. Anita also publishes her Sci Fi books under the pen name A.K. Renaghan. She loves a good character study and has been many characters herself including: an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force, a college graduate, a second degree blackbelt, lost, a waitress and bartender, a wife and mother, an account executive, found, and a constantly inventive singer-songwriter. Walter Mitty has nothing on Anita. 

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs with her five siblings was a loud and adventurous time, and Anita was often found at the library reading her new favorite or writing a poem or short story. Her high school English teacher presented the challenge of writing a novel, and that opened a door that would never close. Anita has written many novels in the past thirty years and even has a screen play hiding in storage, and she loves a good character study. 

Anita can often be found zoning-out in a daydream in the Chicago suburbs where she lives with her husband and daughter. In the dark hours of the night, while her family sleeps, Anita can be caught perched in front of her laptop writing her next adventure.  

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